Architecture as 2nd body
Master Design Studio

Already we are facing one of the biggest health policy challenges of all times: a resource- and employee consuming care system of people with severe neurological and chronic diseases. The typology of the hospital as we know it now, will only play a marginal role and become extinct. Architects are challenged to develop new typologies that go beyond functional care facilities and create living environments that offer a provable contribution to life quality and wellbeing to both the affected people and personnel.
In this context the relatively young term ‘Evidence Based Design’ grows important. It is a design method that makes use of scientific proof regarding user behaviour and offers architects a completely new and interdisciplinary access to design.

In the Master Design Studio ‚Architecture as 2nd body‘, students will practice this EBD method and will be instructed to design a novel care-typology of a so-called Comprehensive Cancer Centre. A central role of the design task will be the profound analysis of changes in perception and needs of severe and life threatening ill people. Students will learn about the design theory of ‚Raumanthropodysmorphie‘ and will be guided to use it both conceptually and formally in their designs.

Self-reflection, factor analyses, the study of scientific texts as well as a guided dialogue with affected people are part of the design preparation. This will be done in collaboration with architecture-psychologist Prof. Dr. Tanja C. Vollmer of the Architecture Institute of the Technical University Berlin. An excursion to Rotterdam will expose the students to so called ‚hybrid-hospitals‘.

Prof. Gemma Koppen, teaching assistant Julia Grund